Strident are Thrash Metal band formed in 2004 in the ancient city of Be’er Sheva (Israel).
Starting from playing cover versions of such bands as Iron Maiden, AC/DC, and others and having come a long way, they found their style on the Israeli Metal scene, despite the fact that in those years the scene was flooded with Black Metal and many Hardcore bands.
Strident released their first album “On Aim” in 2010, which raised the main problems of this world, on its own, thus challenging other popular styles. This album has become somewhat legendary, as it was the first full-length Thrash Metal album released in Israel back in the day.
In November 2019, the second album was released by Punishment 18 Records.
Ellegant Thrash Metal for lovers and connoisseurs of this style!

Yaniv Alkalay – Guitar
Michael Shliapochny “Metalych” – Guitar, Vocal
Artem Apekishev – Bass
Andrey Galchevski – Drums.

“Insanity” 2008 Demo
“On the Aim” 2010 CD
“Final Warhead Blast” 2016 Digital Single
“March Of Plague” 2019 CD.

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