1982 this very young Band from Bolzano (Italy) was formed .
1984 The Band sign a deal with the major Label CGD M.M.Milano.
1986 the first album DIRTY ARMADA . Their concerts in Italy and Austria have received numerous positive reactions from audience and critics.
1988 with their second album “PICTURES OF WAR” the Skanners reach out the peak of popularity. by playng as Special Guest for Motörhead – Twisted Sister- R.J. Dio Helloween Saxon- Girlschool and many others. The Band have proved theyr talent and willingness to emerge.
1995 new deal with the Label Liederszene Southtyrol that has produced their third album “THE MAGIC SQUARE” distribuited by the Self Records. The Band gave a series of spectacular concerts as special Guest for Deep Purple around Italy, where the audience heard and admired the Band’s Magic Show !!!
1997 was the year of the 15° Anniversary of the Band, so they decided to give the fans a Live album “SKANNERS LIVE” with songs of each of their three albums – including two no-edit songs always produced by Liederszene Southtyrol and distribuited by White & Black Italy.
2001 The band has signed a new deal for two realeses with the Italian Label UNDERGROUND SYMPHONY.
2002 The new Album FLAGELLUM DEI ” is out in Europe and the Band play it all around the World !
2006 is the year of the come back to the fabulouses 80’tees… and the SKANNERS’s new label the MYGRAVEYARDPRODUCTIONS has produced the reissue of the 2 hystorical albums DIRTY ARMADA and PICTURES OF WAR !!!
2008 the new Album titled “ THE SERIAL HEALER” always produced by the MYGRAVEYARDPRODUCTIONS is out in Europe !
2012/13 Skanners are promoting around Europe the new Album – FACTORY OF STEEL !!!
2013 BOOK/DVD Biography “EINS ZWEI DREI METAL PARTY” Realised and produced by CRAC edizioni and RIFF Records !!!
2015 CD/DVD Live “EINS ZWEI DREI METAL PARTY” Realised and produced by SKANNERS and RIFF METAL DEPARTMENT Records !!!
The band decided to dedicate his eighth album entirely at their former guitarist and founding member, Max Quinzio, who died in February of 2014.
Following the release of their new CD Live + DVD album, “Eins, zwei, drei, Metal Party” the band promotes its work with numerous shows and festivals throughout Italy and Germany, sharing the stage with world character bands like IN FLAMES at the Rock im Ring Festival IT, SAVAGE in Rome, DARK FUNERAL and VADER at in Flammen Open Air in Germany.
Do not forget that between 2015/2016, among the many live band stands out the date in support of METAL CHURCH. In 2018 the band recorded the new album at the SKY STUDIO in Munich (DE), which will be released in the winter of 2019.

Claudio Pisoni – Vocals
Fabio Tenca – Guitar
Walter Unterhauser – Guitar
Tomas Valentini – Bass
Davide Odorizzi – Drums.

Press Kit, Technical Rider