The beginning…
Pennhurst is a Nu-Metal band from Budapest found in the early-January of 2014, consisting of 5 members. It wasn’t your average founding, though, Scizo and Maniac have met in an asylum while their treatment was proceeding… After their long conversations it became clear that their purpose was the same: to found a band. So their fate was inseparable.
In the institution they have met many interesting individuals, their aim was to create a band to which, without exception, all of the members are chosen from the asylum. After a long searching, they have managed to find others, and they escaped together with Addicted, Panicky and Paranoid.
The members of the band are named themselves after their most peculair behaviors, characteristics: Scizo, Maniac, Addicted, Paranoid, Panicky. Even the band’s name was inspired by an American asylum: Pennhurst.
Tha band’s stage appearance can’t be claimed average, either: the members wear their straitjacket used in the asylum, various masks and shrouds made of gauze…
Since then they went through a lot.


In 2015, they released by themselves their first 7-song EP, which is titled “Losing Control”. Beside the mainly English songs, there is one aggressive Hungarian, too, “Add Végre Önmagad”.
In November of 2015, they accompanied Ektomorf on their European tour for 5 shows in Germany.
The stops of the tour were Munich (Backstage), Lindau (Vaudeville), Ludwigsburg (Rockfabrik), Frankfurt (11-er) and Nuremberg (Hirsch).
Now the group became a dedicated band and they have won an announcement by the band Tankcsapda; this way Pennhurst is part of the Tankcsapda album “Dolgozzátok fel!”, which was released on 22 November 2016, with their cover of the song “Köpök rátok”, for which also a video was made. The video was a success, after 2 weeks it reached 20.000 viewers! They also have two more concert videos, which the band released to the public in the Autumn of 2016.
On 28 April 2017, accepting the invitation of Tankcsapda, Pennhurst made a concert as a guest of Tankcsapda band in the Papp László Budapest Sportaréna. They had a very intense show during the band’s 45-minute set, which had a positive feedback by some notable medium. Beside doing concerts, the band began writing new songs in the summer of 2017, they project the release of their first record in the spring of 2018.


About the music style…
Many styles are mixed in the music of Pennhurst, which gives a colorful change in the Hungarian music! In it, the aggression of the Nu-Metal can be found, with tuned down guitars and effects, scream insertions, clean, catchy choruses. They highly stress the rap singing style, and the elements of electric music, mainly of dubstep, decorate the songs.