Following “King Of Torture” (2011) and “Battery” (2015 / Steamhammer), FATEFUL FINALITY have taken a big step forward in their very own interpretation of thrash metal on their third album “Mankind”. Ruthlessly, the twelve songs plus an intro and a bonus track (“Plaque In The Rain”) boom out of the loudspeakers. The band doesn’t bother to create lengthy and complicated arrangements, but cuts right to the chase of each song with no time to take a breath.

Nevertheless, there remains enough room for driving solos and shifts of tempos providing the songs with their own necessary dynamics. And yet, the vocals don’t need to hide behind the phat overall sound but seem to fuel the musical foundation.At the end of the album the band surprises with the wonderful bonus track “Plaque In The Rain” which turns out to be an emotional as well as powerful ballad and – being in contrast to the other songs – presents a perfect ending to a gripping thrash metal crusade.

Loaded with skull splitting sounds packed in gripping tracks and tons of energy they´re currently on their way through Germany and parts of Europe, smashing round about 35 shows in 2018.

Simon – Guitar/Vocals
Patrick – Guitar/Vocals
Mischa – Drums
Philipp – Bass.