Enemy Of The Enemy, lots of metal passion packed! Ironic metal rock​, whether in their texts or their multiple influences:​ death, hardcore, punk, heavy, power, neo, hip-hop…


Four musicians who enjoy studio, and already have released two EP and one album: “Hellequin”, out in 2013. Yet, they prefer the stage !


But they are not the kind of guys who stay still, and as they ​have created “HeadBangSchool​” association in 2010, to boost shows dates booking and artists promotion. To date so far, they have organized about 80 events.


The group has also caused many walls of death and stiff necks in multiple countries. Since 2012, they have explored lands of Scotland, Russia, Ukraine and even Brittany!


After some gigs in Parisian cafés, they have started festivals and guests. They have played for the public of Triel Open Air​, Festival Sur Les Pointes ​and Motocultor Festival, ​in 2014. They also opened shows for Black Bomb A​, Smash It Combo​, Certain Death​, Aqme ​and Lofofora​.


Currently working on writing some EP on various themes, such as: war, death and Renaissance, but also on creating some videoclips which goes along, the enemies of our enemies keep on creating with a strong motivation​, to provide surprises and get metal fans to dance, core addicts to trip out, hip-hop amateurs to get stiff neck, and reggae fans’s ears to blow.