NECRONOMICON - Thrash Metal Legend from the mid 80’s!!

NECRONOMICON have been known as Germany's Thrash Cult since the early eighties; with eight studio albums under their belts and appearances all over the world in the past three decades they prove they have still got that Metal spirit. With their aggressive guitar work, dominating vocals and thunderous drums, it's evident that they are not ones to miss.
The band will be playing classic material from their 80's grandeur along with latest material including songs from the latest album "Pathfinder... Between Heaven and Hell".

Check out Freddy's invitation to the tour:

HORTUS ANIMAE - Avantgarde Extreme Metal Pioneers since 1997!

Supporting NECRONOMICON will be the Avant-garde/Progressive Gothic/Black Metal band, HORTUS ANIMAE.
The band had the honour to share the stage with great acts like Napalm Death, Konkhra, Lacuna Coil, Ancient, Mortuary Drape and Necrodeath, among others, and also had the pleasure to work with top notch musicians such as Moonbeam of Iblis, Ecnerual of Profezia and Mourning Mist and Liv Kristine of Theatre of Tragedy / Leaves’ Eyes fame, to not mention the presence in the bands ranks of drummer Grom, former of Ancient and DoomSword.
The band recently joined forces with Liv Kristine for their new video to the song "There's No Sanctuary". In June 2016 band released a new EP by the same name via Azermedoth Records / BlackHeavens Music.


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