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FLESHGORE (Brutal Death Metal).
*One of the rising forces in Death Metal hailing from Ukraine since 2000.
*Few hundred shows in about 20 countries worldwide including Australian Fest Of The Dead, German Wacken Open Air, Czech Brutal Assault and Obscene Extreme, and many more.
*In 2015 performed on Black Sea Festival.
*The band is working hard for the completion of a new album along with a great cover for Morbid Angel enclosed.
*The band puts up a strong vibe of Brutal Death Metal set filled with their past Thrash Metal moshing.






KATASTROF (Melodic Death Metal).
*One of the fewer Melodic Death Metal bands that uniquely follow the Gothenburg movement.
*The band has been constantly performing in Israel, while also touring the Far East.
*The band amazingly performed in the finals of the Wacken Metal Battle 2015 in Israel.
*Strongly promoting their debut album “Screams Of Silence”.


FLESHGORE - Domain Of Death (full EP):




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