Efyd born at the end of 2016 at the line-up of Mark on drums and Frank on guitar and vocals.
In July 2017, the band firstly test goodness of their work at The One Live Pub in Cassano d’Adda, immediately receiving good appreciation of their songs.
On December 8, Efyd entered the Prosdocimi Recording Studios in Carmignano di Brenta, to record their first EP, titled “Evil Instinct”, which was mastered by Ronan Chris Murphy at his studio in Los Angeles.
In April 2018, Efyd welcome Andrea, a technical bassist, who adds substantial power and hypnotic textures to the songs. June 24 marks the debut of Andrea in Efyd, at the Light No More Shines Festival in Agrate Brianza.
On the 12th of October of the same year, band entered the same studio, to record the second EP, which was presented December 21 at the Blu Rose Live Pub, in Bresso.
Playing a lot of gigs around country, at the same time, Efyd drafts the songs for the debut album. Unfortunately, at that time, Andrea leaves the band because of musical inconsistencies.
In August 2020, Luca joined the band as a new bass player.
In February 2021, Efyd entered Carlo Meroni’s ADSR Decibel Studio in Busto Arsizio, for the recording of their first full-length, “Like Shadows”. The album was released worldwide on December 10, by Metal Scrap Records.

Luca – bass;
Frank – guitars/vocals;
Mark – drums.

“Like Shadows” CD & Digital; 2021; Metal Scrap Records;
“Evil Instinct” Digital EP; 2018; self-released;
“EFYD” Digital EP; 2017; self-released.

Technical Rider